Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fraser's Hill (20-23 Mar 2010)

I was woken up before dawn on the morning of 22 March 2010 by loud knocking on my bedroom door. It'd better be selene, I thought, otherwise I would have a score to settle with the knocker of doors. Yes! Before my bleary, groggy eyes, was Actias selene! He IS worth waiting 3 years for, beautiful, ephemeral, elusive selene...
Actias selene (Indian Moon Moth)

Another beautiful lunar moth, Actias maenas (Malaysian Moon Moth) had also come to visit. Just as wondrous, but not as elusive, as he had come to visit us a few times before.

Another lifer for this trip was the female of Actias maenas, as the females don't seem to be as attracted to the lights as the males.

Brahmaea hearseyi (Owl Moth)

Saturniids in a row, with cricula at bottom.

A new hawkmoth which we hadn't seen before, Clanis sp.